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4 kinds of commonly rs3 style FRONT GRILLE materials


Rs3 style FRONT GRILLE is a mesh part of the front part of the audi rs3, which is used for ventilation and heat dissipation of the engine.The rs3 style FRONT GRILLE not only pursues the aesthetic appearance, but also takes into account the function.At present, it is mainly made of four common materials: filled reinforced PP, electroplated ABS, PC/ABS alloy and spray-free ASA/PMMA.

1.The PP material filled with minerals has the characteristics of high strength, stable size and low density. It is helpful to reduce the body weight when applied to the intake rs3 style FRONT GRILLEs.

4 kinds of commonly rs3 style FRONT GRILLE materials

2.Electroplated ABS material overcomes many shortcomings of plastics itself. It has metal appearance and is easy to weld. Its conductivity, heat conductivity, solvent resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and mechanical strength have been greatly improved.

3.PC/ABS alloy material combines the formability of ABS material and the mechanical properties, impact strength, temperature resistance, UV resistance and easy electroplating of PC. Through electroplating or spraying process, it can meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of rs3 style FRONT GRILLEs.

4.Spray-free ASA/PMMAABS and PC/ABS resins have been widely used in automotive interior parts due to their light weight, flexible design, low manufacturing cost and excellent performance. However, its weatherproof performance is insufficient, so it can not be directly applied in exterior decorations. It must be sprayed or plated before it can be used.

Which rs3 style FRONT GRILLE material is best suited to your needs? Which rs3 style FRONT GRILLE material do you like best? Please contact us.

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