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audi a7 body kit manufacturer:Grill or Grille?


As an audi a7 body kit manufacturer, we are specialized in producing Grilles. Our products are:audi RS7 FRONT GRILLE,rs3 style FRONT GRILLE,a1 RS1 FRONT GRILLE and so on.

When I see the problem of grille or grill, I will laugh, which is also the problem I encountered when I first started.

Many people are probably familiar with grills rather than grilles, so occasionally they make spelling mistakes.


Let professional audi a7 body kit manufacturer introduce the FRONT GRILLE to you.

FRONT Grille is a protective metal latticework, like on the front of a car, on an air conditioner vent.Almost all cars have this component.

The front grille is designed to allow airflow under the hood, which could cool off the engine and radiator. Cars are full of components that are all moving very quickly to run the massive machine, and all that friction will generate heat, so it is important to have as many ways to cool it all off as possible.

Now, the front grille has a new meaning,for beauty.

audi a7 body kit manufacturer:Grill or Grille?

Through my introduction, you should know what the FRONT Grilles are.So, when you want to buy the front grille instead of the grill, remember to contact us. We are a professional audi a7 body kit manufacturer!

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