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RS5 style FRONT GRILLE: live for sports


The charm of the RS5 style FRONT GRILLE comes from the car itself.The unique design of Audi RS5 makes the car and RS5 style FRONT GRILLE very attractive.

In fact, RS5 has been as similar in appearance as A5 in the same mid-term modification, but it is the few differences that make RS5 unique in the whole car system. The biggest change in the appearance of the new RS5 is the LED headlamp, which can become the focus of vision at any time. Compared with the past, inverted styling is not only full of anger, size has become more slender.

RS5 style FRONT GRILLE: live for sports

The most obvious difference between RS5 and A5 is that the black honeycomb RS5 style FRONT GRILLE design, no longer has the elegance of A5 horizontal RS5 style FRONT GRILLE, replaced by no low-key bullying. Of course,RS5 style FRONT GRILLE contour has also become a unified hexagon of the Audi family, which looks more straight and further depresses the visual effect of the front face. At the same time, the larger RS5 style FRONT GRILLE than the ordinary A5 also uses the honeycomb design, with the bottom of the "convex" shaped skirt edge, so that RS5 has a muscular front.

The excellent performance of Audi RS5 makes me appreciate its charm. Imagine that if I were a driver, it would bring me more surprises and more extreme performance.RS5 style FRONT GRILLE,live for sports!

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